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This site: benoliva.com has been available since at least 2006.  During our years in the business of Real Estate, we have partnered with the people you will find on this page.  The reason they remain on this page is that we share a common business philosophy and passion.  That common thread is that we deeply care about our clients and we always put our client's best interests ahead of our own.  We feel comfortable in referring these folks.  However, the decision to do business with them is yours....but you can rest assured, we will all work together on your behalf to make sure that the road to a successful transaction wil be smooth.   Ben Oliva, Owner/Broker - Family Tree Realty.


Favata & Wallace

Contact: William Wallace - 516-742-9494

Mirabella & Quinn

Contact: David Mirabella - 516-280-7700

M.W. Holland

Contact: Michael Holland - 516-248-2655

Banks & Lenders

Astoria Federal Savings Bank

Contact: John Taveras - 516-535-8328

First Meridian Mortgage Corporation

Contact: Steven Gottesman - 718-906-6170 

Chase Bank

Contact: Joseph Bonomolo, NMLS#625906

Continental Home Loans

Contact: Jason Marcus - 631-455-0473

Home Insurance Agents

Carlstan North Hills - Independent Agents

Contact: Ken Erickson - 516-437-6565 or 718-343-6450

Home Inspectors


Contact: Matthew Kaplan - 800-805-1122

National Property Inspections

Contact: Charles Panellino - 516-662-5050

Aberdeen Building Consultants

Contact: Hannah Park - 877-492-9800

Home Improvements

Galicia Construction Co.

Contact: Manuel Minino - 718-229-9014/15

Video, Music & Entertainment Production

Music Farm New York

Contact: Michael Oliva - 516-352-2282


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