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The road to the Closing Table can be a bumpy ride; filled with unexpected and unwanted surprises or it can be smooth, painless and professionally managed...as it should be.  Real Estate Brokers and their Agents must be knowledgeable in their field and have the necessary skills needed to fulfill their Fiduciary Responsibilities required by law. Those responsibilities include; Care, Confidentiality, Loyalty, Obedience, Accounting and full Disclosure.  In addition to these responsibilities, Brokers and their Agents must know how to Manage the entire process of Offer Management which starts with pricing and marketing Real Property and includes managing all the other processes involved in a Real Estate Purchase Transaction, such as, Presenting Offers and subsequent preparation of Contracts of Sale by Attorneys, ensuring that buyers have been Pre-Qualified by Mortgage Bankers, making sure that accurate appraisals have been conducted by Licensed Bank Appraisers, ensuring thorough home inspections have been conducted by Licensed Inspectors and making sure Buyers have their Home Insurance Policy required at The Closing which are issued by licensed and qualified Home Insurance Agents. 

There is one single piece of advice that Buyers and Sellers should pay particular attention.  They must ensure they hire professionals who are experienced with Real Estate transactions; especially Attorneys and Mortgage Bankers.  Most Attorneys and Bankers are highly skilled but not necessarily with all Real Estate transactions.  The wrong choice usually means bumps (delays) on the road to The Closing.     Listen to your Real Estate professional .  It's worth your time to listen.

Let us start at the very beginning of The Process:  Pricing The Property For Sale.

The Process Leading to a Successful Closing for SELLERS:

  • Ensure the property Title is Free & Clear of any liens.
  • Ensure the property has a complete Certificate of Occupancy
  • Ensure the person signing the Listing Agreement is the Owner of Record.
  • Ensure the property owner understands their rights with respect to New York State Agency Disclosure Law: Section 443(3) (F) of Real Property Law.
  • Ensure the property owner has all the pertinent facts to help establish Market Value/ Listing Price based on Sold Comparables.
  • Execute Listing Agreement.
  • Establish a Marketing Plan with the Seller which is consistent with the Seller's goals of selling their property at the highest possible Fair Market Price within the shortest possible time frame. 
  • Ensure the property is ready for Showing and establish the ground rules with the Client for Productive Showings which will lead to Qualified Offers.
  • Once an Offer is received, we establish the potential buyer as being Mortgage Qualified before submitting their Offer for consideration.
  • Once the Offer is Accepted by the Seller/Cleint, we begin The Process of Offer Management leading to a successful Closing


While the steps may differ, the goal is essentially the same for Buyers and Sellers:  To successfully and professionally manage all the steps leading to a timely and delay free Closing.

The Process Leading to the Closing Table for BUYERS:

  • Discovery Phase.  Understand the Buyer's goals.
  • Ensure our Buyer is Mortgage Pre-Qualified in order to proceed to the Property Search Phase.
  • Explain the difference between Customer & Client Representation by ensuring the Buyer understands their rights with respect to New York State Agency Disclosure Law: Section 443(3) (F) of Real Property Law .
  • Prepare and execute Buyer Agency Disclosure Agreement.
  • Begin the property search.
  • Once the Buyer Client chooses the property they wish to purchase, Prepare Comparables to ensure the Buyer Client is prepared to put forth a Competitive Offer.   
  • Negotiate the best possbile price on the Client's behalf.
  • Once Accepted, communicate Offer with Terms & Conditions to both attorneys.
  • After the Contract is Executed by both parties, ensure the Contract is submitted to Buyer's Mortgage Banker.
  • Let's begin The Process of Offer Management leading to a Successful Closing


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