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WHAT WE DO:  We help traditional buyers with their second or vacation home purchases and work closely with First Time Home Buyers in the New York market.  Since our office is located in downtown Mineola, we focus our efforts in Nassau County.  We assist buyers with all aspects of their homes search, including recommending qualified lenders, attorneys, licensed home inspectors, home insurance agents.  We help First Time buyers in applying for Grants, FHA, Tax Credits and other government assistance programs to help with their Down Payment, Closing Costs and in some cases, Money to repair their new home.  

HOW WE DO IT:  We partner with banks and reputable mortgage lenders to assist our traditional buyer clients and we partner with independent non-profit agencies whose professional staff provides the guidance, financial counseling and help in preparing applications for matching our First Time Home Buyer clients with programs subsidized by Local, State and Federal agencies.   

At the beginning of the client relationship we ensure that buyers have been prequalified by reputable lenders.  We guide First Time buyers through the application process to ensure they are matched with Approved Lenders who will provide them with a Pre-Qualification and/or Pre-Approval Letter needed before they can begin the search for their new home in Nassau, Suffolk or Queens.
WHY WE DO IT: To smooth out the process and ensure that buyers are looking at homes in their price range and assist Pre-Qualified and/or Pre-Approved  First Time Buyers and Sellers connect with each other so that the road to the closing table is smooth and successful.  We work, advise and consult with Buyers and Sellers in this Match-Making process.  Our Seller clients have properties which match the buying criteria for location, style, size and price range.The bottom line is to manage all aspects of the transaction to smooth out the road to the Closing Table.  "Adventure and unexpected surprises are meant for vacations...not when buying or selling a home."  We ensure that properties we market and those we show our buyer clients have been Pre-Qualified and priced correctly through a rigorous process which may include:   

*Appraisals issued by a New York State licensed appraisers.

* A Comparative Analysis which compares homes of similar features and price.   

*Inspection Certificates issued by a New York State licensed Home Inspectors.

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